The HouseMaster Library - Best Practices

The following is a list of best practices and suggested uses for HouseMaster Library articles:
  • Consider a "themed" newsletter and use a collection of the articles that fit into a theme. Some examples include: "interiors", "exteriors", "plumbing/electrical", etc.
  • Consider developing a quick reference guide newsletter for clients/customers. Educate them about best practices in home maintenance or home inspections.
  • Develop a "Good Luck" packet of information for clients at closing. Fill it with information that will be helpful to a new homeowner.
  • Consider adding a "Helpful Tips" section to your newsletter or information packets for clients/customers.
  • Run a home maintenance series in a regular column.
  • If a consumer, client or reader submits a question about home inspections or home maintenance, use the HouseMaster Library as a resource to share information about that specific issue/question.
If you have any additional questions or for more information about the HouseMaster Library please feel free to contact us at or (800) 526-3939.

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